Radio Zamaneh: Iranian political detainee [Hossein Derakhshan] gets his first trial

Radio Zameneh | June 23, 2010

Tehran Revolutionary Court held Hossein Derakhshan’s first trial today, Fars News Agency reports.

Derakhshan, who is known as the father of Persian blogging, is accused of “cooperation with enemy states, propaganda against the Islamic regime, promoting anti-Revolutionary groups, insulting sanctities, launching and managing vulgar and obscene sites.”

Hossein Derakhshan is one of the first Iranian bloggers with his blog “Editor: Myself.”

Derakhshan has collaborated with reformist newspapers, Hayat-e No and Asr-e Azadegan and in 2000 left Iran and settled in Canada.

He went to Iran in 2004 and supported reformist candidate, Mostafa Moin in the presidential elections.

After leaving Iran, Derakhshan began to criticize Iranian reformists and appeared in Iran’s international television network, Press TV, expressing support for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In November of 2008, he once more returned to Iran and was arrested by the Islamic Republic authorities. His lengthy imprisonment and the judiciary’s delays in holding his trial gave rise to grave concern from his family.

In April of 2009, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issued a letter calling for Hossein Derakhshan’s case to be processed in a timely and legal fashion.

After 19 months of complete news blackout about their son, Derakhshan family has recently started a blog posting information about his situation.

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Dave Siavashi is the Founder and Editor of Iran News Now. He provided coverage of breaking news and analysis on events in Iran during the unrest that followed the 2009 presidential election. One of the early journalists to use social media effectively to report on breaking events, his tweets and articles have been cited in The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Christian Science Monitor, Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish and publications.
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