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Special: Press-stream of Oscar Win for Best Foreign Language Film for Asghar Farhadi’s ‘A Separation’

Snippets of sentiment and buzz captured throughout the day, surrounding the first ever Iranian film to win an Oscar, an event that will go down in history as coming at just the right moment–a time when some politicians and media clamor for war.

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Special: A Dichotomy of the “Chatter” vs. Instagrams from Iran

Acknowledging Iran in the drowning din of media chatter

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Iran Live-blog: 25 Bahman, One Year Later

Last year, tens of thousands Iranians protested in solidarity with uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. Several people were killed, hundreds were arrested. Today we watch for signs of renewed protests.

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INN Special: Interview and Conversation with Richard Raymond, Director of Desert Dancer, in Theatres April 10

Listen to the full interview by Sam Razi of the Director of Desert Dancer, Richard Raymond, here: Sam Razi’s Twitter: [...]...

A Brave New Documentary by NBC News – #TwitterDiplomacy: The Making of a Nuclear Deal (Preview)

A brave new documentary by the fantastic team at NBC News. Here is a preview posted to YouTube by Ann [...]...

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey and Iran President Hassan Rouhani Exchange Tweets on Net Freedom in Iran

Twitter has completely changed the way people of influence communicate with each and with their audiences, in conversations that take [...]...

How Diplomacy with Iran will Improve Iran’s Human Rights Situation

The possible diplomacy of a moderate president like Rouhani can be a catalyst for human rights and systematic change, but it cannot be do...

Journalist yells “Remember, Mousavi must be present!” at President-Elect Rouhani live press conference

It was bound to happen. President-elect Dr. Hassan Rouhani ran on a campaign of hope and prudence, and on June [...]...

Exclusive: Iran News Now’s Conversation with Dr. Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s New President: “Govt of hope and prudence seeks to eliminate gaps between our people, create conditions for improved atmosphere”

Dr. Hassan Rouhani has just officially won the 2013 Iran presidential election. He is now officially President Hassan Rouhani of [...]...