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Kickstarter Project Worth Helping: Boarders without Borders

3 American pro Snowboarders journey to Iran to befriend the youth, discover their culture, and ride the uncharted Alborz mountains…

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Special: Press-stream of Oscar Win for Best Foreign Language Film for Asghar Farhadi’s ‘A Separation’

Snippets of sentiment and buzz captured throughout the day, surrounding the first ever Iranian film to win an Oscar, an event that will go down in history as coming at just the right moment–a time when some politicians and media clamor for war.

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Special: A Dichotomy of the “Chatter” vs. Instagrams from Iran

Acknowledging Iran in the drowning din of media chatter

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Video Special: Documentary, “Nation of Exiles”

Dabashi: “…our civil liberties will not come the day after the revolution, but they are secured before that day–to the point where it makes that revolution irrelevant.”

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Shifting Focus and Fighting Ignorance

“Since you are also Muslim like the hijackers, you can explain the religion to us: What would possess these Muslims to do such a thing?”

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Women on the Frontline

A documentary on The Women’s Movement in Iran. Brought to our attention by @theReelContent on Twitter.

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Video: I AM NASRINE (official trailer)

We came across the following video trailer on Twitter. Produced by a Bridge and Tunnel Productions:

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Green Media: Poster: 17 Esfand – March 8th – Freedom. Justice. Equality. Our Right!

A poster sent to us by “An Anonymous Friend”: (click to enlarge)

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Green Media: Muse’s “Uprising,” Iranian Style

be pa khiz- uprising!به پا خیز from greenmedia on Vimeo.

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Live-blog: Iran – February 18 – Regime’s Day of Hate

This is a live-blog report on events in Iran, and about Iran. The majority of the information is sourced via social media channels. The videos or links to other sites posted are not produced by Iran News Now, and their posting here does not equate to an endorsement of their content or message. Every update [...]

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Live-blog: Iran – After 25 Bahman – What comes next?

7:45AM GMT We had intended for our last update for the day to be the previous one, but felt that this interview of a protester, Sara, by Anderson Cooper is a must-see. She typifies the ordinary Iranians that have decided that they have to stand up for their rights. The interview is significant not only [...]

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Posters for 25 Bahman Iran Rallies for Movements for Freedom

As we come across them we will add posters and artwork for the 25 Bahman – 14 February rallies in Iran here:

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Music Video: Let the Earth Bear Witness

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NYT: Muscle Cars in Iran

A gathering of the Tehran Café Racers at the Azadi racetrack in Tehran.

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AFP: Iran media subsidies to be based on loyalty

The subsidies allocated to newspapers will be given in line with their stance. We cannot aid newspapers that go against the path of the establishment,” Hosseini added without naming specific media.

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Reuters: Cheerleaders cover up for Iran vs United States

Reuters | September 1, 2010 By Alexandra Hudson Istanbul (Reuters) – Cheerleaders donned black leggings and white T-shirts for a World Championship basketball match between Iran and the United States in Istanbul on Wednesday to respect cultural sensitivities. Some Iranian officials still left the arena shortly before their routine began, however. At previous matches officials [...]

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INN Special: A Conversation with Dr. Nina Ansary about Iran’s Women’s Movements

Dr. Nina Ansary is a prominent scholar and historian who has recently published the preeminent book detailing the history of Iran's Women's ...

INN Special: Interview and Conversation with Richard Raymond, Director of Desert Dancer, in Theatres April 10

Listen to the full interview by Sam Razi of the Director of Desert Dancer, Richard Raymond, here: Sam Razi’s Twitter: [...]...

A Brave New Documentary by NBC News – #TwitterDiplomacy: The Making of a Nuclear Deal (Preview)

A brave new documentary by the fantastic team at NBC News. Here is a preview posted to YouTube by Ann [...]...

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey and Iran President Hassan Rouhani Exchange Tweets on Net Freedom in Iran

Twitter has completely changed the way people of influence communicate with each and with their audiences, in conversations that take [...]...

How Diplomacy with Iran will Improve Iran’s Human Rights Situation

The possible diplomacy of a moderate president like Rouhani can be a catalyst for human rights and systematic change, but it cannot be do...

Journalist yells “Remember, Mousavi must be present!” at President-Elect Rouhani live press conference

It was bound to happen. President-elect Dr. Hassan Rouhani ran on a campaign of hope and prudence, and on June [...]...